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Mayhem Evil Twin +1 (M)

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Medium Twin +1 / Hybrid Keel Template


"The Evil Twin" is a twin fin + trailer combo developed not just for the "Evil Twin" board model, but for any boards that revel on twin fin flare. The template is an exact replica of our twin fins designed for our original RNF close to 25 years ago. A friend in Florida recently dug up an actual mid 90's pair of these hand foiled twins and sent them to me, claiming these large surface area fins relevance today. We immediately prototyped with Futures and loved them. An upright fin, with a swept back tip, and plenty of area. They provide drive and precise pivot. We paired them with a smaller than average trailer, which helps draw out turns and lends some stability and projection, yet retains that free feeling, twin fin feel. I recently used a prototype set on my step-ups, solid backside, overhead Indo surf, where I never thought a twin fin would perform so well, I would actually forget I was using them" -Mayhem

  • Template Category - Hybrid Keel (drive, pivot, projection)
  • Construction - Honeycomb
  • Size - Medium


Side Fins Center Fin
Area 19.34 7.22
Height 4.87 2.91
Base 4.72 3.16
Angle 5.5 SYMM


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
William Russell

I appreciate Futures more and more. The description, ride #, fin type are really helping me with my fin game. I bought the evil twins thinking it would help my 7'1 Rusty blackbird in the bigger slopey point surf and guess what, it totally did. Great drive and pivot with these fins. keep it up gang. more description is far better than less. Peace and happy 2024 yewwww

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Mayhem Evil Twin +1 (M)

Mayhem Evil Twin +1 (M)

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