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Alpha Vector 3/2 (M)

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Thruster / Medium / Neutral Template


It is a proprietary Futures foil with a concave surface on the inside of the front fins, increasing surface area, water attachment, and lift.

3/2 complements the Vector with an extra 3 degrees of cant and 2 degrees of toe, introducing a twist to the foil for improved planing angles in sharp turns, creating lift and hold deeper into the maneuver.

The Vector 3/2 is a Speed Generating fin, maximizing water attachment over multiple planing surfaces, resulting in lift and reduced drag. The concave surface and twist in the upper half provide a unique grip and projection sensation, delivering fluid speed generation in smaller waves and powerful connection and increased speed in larger surf, resulting in faster and improved turns.
Helps connect turns while generating and maintaining speed with a more predictable engaged feel.

Originally developed in 2006, The Scimitar Tip is flattened edge at the fin's trailing end, tightens the turn arc by reducing the template's length. This complements the 3/2 foil's lift and speed design, enhancing the feeling of release from turns while maximizing the foil properties throughout the fin's template.

  • Template Category - Neutral (all-around | versatile)
  • Construction - Alpha 
  • Speed Generating
  • Suggested Wave Type - All types | All conditions
  • Size - Medium (125 – 175 lbs) 


Side Fins Center Fin
Area 15.00 14.50
Height 4.48 4.48
Base 4.63 4.63
Angle 6.5/9.5 0
Foil Vector 3/2 SYMM


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Customer Reviews

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Michael Love
Exception Fins For Technical Surfing

These fins have made my Exile carbon skimfin faster and more responsive. I find the form change, chopped tips, and gold foil aesthetically beautiful and appreciate that they are molded from recycled fishing nets. The fins are light and stiff and I am getting more rotation and tail release than I was from my previous Vector Quad Q1 set. If you are struggling with going fast enough to achieve the maneuvers you want to, I recommend switching to these fins as a cheaper alternative to a new board with more width and less rocker.

Kawika Keawekane
Amazing fins

I’ve been using the DHD Mediums for a couple years now which use the rake template. They don’t really suit the wave conditions for where I live, but with fins being as expensive as they are, I kept them. I figured it was time to finally purchase a new set of them so I did lots of research and landed on these. They arrived and first session out I ripped and gained speed with little to no effort. With a nice turn of events, third sesh out it was drained micro low tide at trestles. One fateful kick out took the fin box with the middle fin out with it. So now I’m using the two side fins with the DHDs in the middle which have been working decent. I just wish there was a way to purchase a single fin by itself as a replacement.

Hi Kawika,

Stoked you've been enjoying the Vector 3/2! If you'd like to purchase a single fin by itself, please reach out to

David Hidalgo


Jeff Carver
Explosive speed and response

I got these fins the other day and had my first session with them in my 6'3 Round tail. Man, let me tell you I was blown away by the performance. My shaper David Vernor & friend Frank said these are a must try in my board so I took their advice! Speed generation was next level. It felt like a 2+1 or quad setup with speed and the response of a true thruster. My first session was in good surf. 3/5ft clean and decently hard offshore, with some solid barrels. Kinda insane the amount of speed these fins create, releases the tail with ease above the lip as well. STOKED!!!
The Alpha vector 3/2's will now be a staple in my quiver.
These are the best fins I have tried in a very long time.

Tony Foster
Alpha Vector 3/2 are the Future in Fins...

I've been shortboarding for 47 years. I'm really into fins these days. Kind of a fin guru now. lol So, this morning's surf session on (12-23-23), I put my New Alpha Vector 3/2 fins to the test in 3 foot fun beachbreak waves...I'm riding a 5'6" epoxy high performance small wave swallow tail shortboard shaped by Scott Crump. A super rad board! Typically, I ride this board with Large fins. These Alpha Vector's have the Base of a Large fin. These fins are Medium, but have a Large Base. And this unique 3/2 foil is built for speed and radical into the lip and above the lip surfing! Anyway, all I can say is that these fins work INSANE!!! a game Changer! My board was going so fast and I could blast the tail out so hard! And if you like to fly above the lip, these fins will help you take flight! Bravo Future Fins!!

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Alpha Vector 3/2 (M)

Alpha Vector 3/2 (M)

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