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Alpha Vector 3/2 (L)

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Thruster / Large / Neutral Template


It is a proprietary Futures foil with a concave surface on the inside of the front fins, increasing surface area, water attachment, and lift.

3/2 complements the Vector with an extra 3 degrees of cant and 2 degrees of toe, introducing a twist to the foil for improved planing angles in sharp turns, creating lift and hold deeper into the maneuver.

The Vector 3/2 is a Speed Generating fin, maximizing water attachment over multiple planing surfaces, resulting in lift and reduced drag. The concave surface and twist in the upper half provide a unique grip and projection sensation, delivering fluid speed generation in smaller waves and powerful connection and increased speed in larger surf, resulting in faster and improved turns.
Helps connect turns while generating and maintaining speed with a more predictable engaged feel.

Originally developed in 2006, The Scimitar Tip is flattened edge at the fin's trailing end, tightens the turn arc by reducing the template's length. This complements the 3/2 foil's lift and speed design, enhancing the feeling of release from turns while maximizing the foil properties throughout the fin's template.

  • Template Category - Neutral (all-around | versatile)
  • Construction - Alpha 
  • Speed Generating
  • Suggested Wave Type - All types | All conditions
  • Size - Large (165+ lbs) 


Side Fins Center Fin
Area 16.00 15.50
Height 4.64 4.64
Base 4.79 4.79
Angle 6.5/9.5 0
Foil Vector 3/2 SYMM



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
John Betts

I have only ridden these a few times so far, but they are now my new favorite fin. From the first wave ridden they felt very good. I immediately noticed these fins have a lot of drive, responsiveness, and the ability to hold when needed. I would say that the Alpha Vector 3/2 offer the best all around value of any fin on the market. They will give your favorite board another dimension of performance that you didn't even know existed.

These fins are bonkers!

I normally ride AM2 and blackstix when small/mushy. These fins are next level fast and loose, but they also hold-my new favorite for small waves.

Jafet Rosado
Alpha vector 3/2 large excelent fin

Really good

Glenn Tanner
Alpha vector 3/2 lg. great fins

My first session on these fins was in thigh to waist high clean offshore peelers here on the east coast USA. Right from my first wave I could feel the lift and quickness The vectors. 3/2 unique foil added. They definitely tap into the waves energy and generate speed. There description of the fin is spot on. I thought maybe they would get a little quirky when the surf got bigger but so far in surf up to head high they’ve been great. These fins are a lot of fun. I would recommend adding them to your quiver of Fins. The Alpha story is pretty cool too.

Future Fins Best Innovation...

I'm 58 years young, 5'9", 145 lbs. power surfer, with 47 years of experience riding short boards! I own and have I've ridden both the medium and large Alpha Vector 3/2 fins...They both work insane! For me, the medium work best on my 5' 8.5" daily driver (Hollywood Surf Supply, Stump 2,0 shaped by Scott Crump). Both the medium and large fins make my board so fast, with lift, it loves to go tail out, and has plenty of hold off the bottom. The large Alpha Vector 3/2, work so good with my 5'6" high performance small wave board (Hollywood Surf Supply, SML FLY Shaped by Scott Crump)...In fact, with these large fins, my 5'6" SML FLY is the fastest, most radical surfboards model I've ever ridden in my 47 years of surfing experience!! You can find Hollywood Surf Supply on Facebook and Instagram! For those who weigh 165 lbs or more, the large fins are your go to! I have most of the Black Stix fins Future offers. And have been my go to for years! But, these Alpha Vector 3/2 are bar none the BEST FINS EVER!!! Thank you Scott Crump and Future Fins for for raising the bar in my surfing! SO greatful and STOKED!!

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Alpha Vector 3/2 (L)

Alpha Vector 3/2 (L)

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