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Aipa x Mayhem 5-Fin

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5-Fin / Rake Template


Fire it up!

The Aipa x Mayhem TORCHES 5-fin set was designed by Duke Aipa with input from Matt Biolos. Created as a complement to their PuddleJumper and SubScorcher x STING surfboard collaboration. The PuddleJumper STING and SubScorcher STING are both 5 fin set -ups, which can be ridden equally effectively as Thrusters or Quads, depending on the surfer and the waves. The TORCHES share qualities and input from both shapers/designers that were integrated into the 5-fin set with aggressive performance and playful freedom in mind.

Developed to work seamlessly in either board and put the cherry on top of the most disruptive surfboard design collab of the decade. Ghost flames on the fins are an homage to the first flame airbrushes that adorned the Aipa Stings on a 1976 SURFER Magazine cover shot that inspired the STING design element to catch fire around the world. 

  • Template Category - Rake (drawn-out | drive)
  • Construction - Fiberglass
  • Ride Number - 2.7 (tri) / 3.0 (quad)


Side Fins Center Fin Rear Fin
Area 16.52 14.72 10.63
Height 4.84 4.65 3.83
Base 4.87 4.56 4.12
Foil FLAT SYMM 80/20
Angle 6.5 3.0



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David Rico

Awesome set of fins

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Aipa x Mayhem 5-Fin

Aipa x Mayhem 5-Fin

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