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  • Parker Coffin

  • Parker Coffin

Personal and always good for a laugh; Parker’s a talented goofy-foot from a community that thrives on one of the world’s best right points.

Naturally, Parker’s aggressive backhand attack is one of his strengths, and an intriguing countenance to his brother Conner’s frontside rail game.


When the Coffins surf Rincon, it is evident that Parker draws a wildly different line than his brother.

On his forehand it’s the same story. Both are incredibly talented but incomparable in the way they approach a wave. While Conner loves to carve, Parker prefers to punt which is why their edits on are some of the best to grace the Internet. As a team, they are both a testimony to old school power gouges and progressive aerial surfing.

Parker Coffin had a heroic performance during the swell of the century in Kandui, Indonesia. Parker weaved through barrel sections that seemed to never end. The stunning visuals are made even more moving when you consider that Parker nearly drowned in the process of obtaining those clips. His big heart and dedication to surfing is unwavering and know that he’s injury free and coming off his first full year on the Qualifying Series, Parker’s prime to climb the rankings in 2017.


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