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  • Adam Melling

  • Adam Melling

Adam’s hometown of Lennox Head, Australia is removed from the hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast. It is a quiet place, characterized by rolling hills and lush pastures. The lineups are made up of hard working people that value humility and self-assuredness more than headlines and accolades. Armed with a whipping forehand wrap that was tailor made for Lennox Head’s famed point break, Melling’s surfing is often likened to a surgeon;

Precise, Technical, Committed and Fast.


While we love watching Adam at J-Bay, and the other stops on tour where he can go fast and push his power around, we’re continuously admiring his approach in barreling left hand reef breaks, most notably the massive day at Cloudbreak before the contest was called off for safety concern. It is an aspect of Melling’s arsenal that reflects the effort he’s put in to improve.

Complimentary to the points of Lennox are the beach breaks just to the South in Ballina. His ability to backside barrel ride isn’t a happenstance of where he grew up, but a token of his natural ability and his perseverance to further his career on tour. Adam’s a working class professional surfer, often competing on both the championship and qualifying tours to assure his spot at years end. His re-qualifying efforts at the final events of the season have been extraordinary. Melling cites a Triple Crown as his ultimate goal, as the measure of a complete surfer capable of adjusting to the conditions and winning on surfing’s biggest stage.

Melling's Quiver

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 165lb

Stance: Regular

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