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Lost Large 5-Fin

5 fin Balanced Ride Number 6.7

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The Lost Large 5-fin, designed by Matt "Mayhem" Biolos, is a large size Balanced quad/thruster combo with a Ride Number of 6.6/6.7 respectively. Designed with high performance surfing in mind these fins incorporate a carbon base that provides stability through turns, while enhancing the spring through the tip. The Quad rears have an 80/20 foil for increased responsiveness, and allow for a smooth transition from performance Thruster to performance Quad.

Side Fins Center Fin Rear Fin
Area 15.45 15.45 11.43
Height 4.65 4.65 4.00
Base 4.50 4.50 3.88
Foil V2 SYMM 80/20

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