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An ongoing project dedicated to building performance products in the U.S.A.

At Futures, our facility is the core of our business. Allowing us to make improvements daily, push the boundaries of innovation and take pride in American made products.

Made in Huntington Beach, California

Our Huntington Beach headquarters grants us the capacity to innovate and evolve every day.

Without this facility we would be an entirely different company.

Our complete involvement with the manufacturing processes allows us to learn, adapt & refine under one roof. It allows us to change and make improvements. It allows us to be Morpheus.

We are proud of our products.

Each one is deserving of the Futures logo because we know that they are engineered by us from start to finish. They offer the customer something more, because we have unique abilities to innovate and the creativity to re-invent.

Morpheus is our story.
It’s a story of change and adaptation.
Morpheus is an idea that the more we can do ourselves in one building, the more knowledge we have to create better products for you. It’s our dedication to building performance products in the USA.

Morpheus is the DNA of our company.


carbon like you’ve never seen it before

The first fin born from our Morpheus project is ALPHA! We are proud to announce that all materials, molds, dimensions, and manufacturing processes were thought up, developed and produced entirely in the USA.