WCT Techflex

WCT Techflex

thruster - medium

The WCT Techflex is a medium size Speed Control fin with a Ride Number of 3.7. The Techflex construction and flat foil give this fin a stable feel, making it ideal for controlling speed in more powerful waves. Featuring an upright fin template on the side fins and a neutral template in the center the WCT template likes to be surfed vertically in the pocket and allows for quick direction changes in punchy surf.


Techflex is stiff like Fiberglass but lighter than Honeycomb. The ultimate in flat foiled fins, great for powerful surfers or powerful surf.

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ride number
speed control
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side fins
  • Area 14.89
  • Height 4.50
  • Base 4.37
  • Foil FLAT
center fin
  • Area 14.10
  • Height 4.35
  • Base 4.25
  • Foil SYMM
rear fin
  • Area -
  • Height -
  • Base -
  • Foil -
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