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Twiggy 5-Fin

Twiggy 5-Fin

5 fin - large

The Twiggy Fiberglass 5-Fin, designed by big wave world champion Grant "Twiggy" Baker, is a large size Speed Control quad/thruster combo with a Ride Number of 2.9/3.0 respectively. Developed over several years of research and testing as a thruster initially, the quad rears were added in to create the ideal big wave fin option for those looking to charge. With a center fin slightly larger than the sides, the thruster is Twiggy's preference in XXL size surf. The quad option suits him more when it's barreling and down the line. Both sets feature high speed foils and solid fiberglass construction enabling surfers to have better control over their board while achieving peak speeds.


Fiberglass is stiff and tough for heavy conditions or surfers that appreciate very stiff fins.

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ride number
speed control
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side fins
  • Area 16.27
  • Height 4.72
  • Base 4.71
  • Foil 80/20
center fin
  • Area 17.00
  • Height 4.87
  • Base 4.72
  • Foil SYMM
rear fin
  • Area 10.66
  • Height 3.86
  • Base 3.70
  • Foil 80/20
product options $150

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