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Stamps 5-Fin

Stamps 5-Fin

5 fin - medium

The Stamps Generation Series 5-Fin set, designed by Tim Stamps, is a medium Speed Generating quad/thruster combo with a Ride Number of 7.4/7.4 respectively. The latest in speed generating fins, the Gen Series features a V2 foil for fluidity and a unique blend of uni-directional carbon and fiberglass for a more stable flex pattern. The Stamps template is upright with a refined tip for increased manuverability and the quad rears feature an 80/20 foil and pair perfectly with any quad.

Generation Series

Generation fins combine the perfect blend of unique carbon & fiberglass layups to provide all the speed you need while maintaining an element of control.

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ride number
speed generating
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side fins
  • Area 14.84
  • Height 4.46
  • Base 4.45
  • Foil V2
center fin
  • Area 14.84
  • Height 4.46
  • Base 4.45
  • Foil SYMM
rear fin
  • Area 11.56
  • Height 4.04
  • Base 3.76
  • Foil 80/20
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