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EA Quad

EA Quad

quad - medium

The EA Quad Control Series, designed by Hawaiian shaper Eric Arakawa, is a medium size Speed Control fin with a Ride Number of 3.0. Master Hawaiian shaper Erica Arakawa created this set to provide hold and maximum speed in fast, heavy, barreling waves. The solid fiberglass construction features a single layer of uni-directional carbon fiber for weight reduction and response, making the EA Quad setup a go-to set for chargers like Reef Mcintosh during serious Backdoor days.

Control Series

The Control Series are the lightest fiberglass fins we’ve ever made! The addition of carbon fiber has allowed us to utilize a slimmer profile for less weight & drag without sacrificing control.

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ride number
speed control
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side fins
  • Area 14.50
  • Height 4.42
  • Base 4.38
  • Foil FLAT
center fin
  • Area -
  • Height -
  • Base -
  • Foil -
rear fin
  • Area 12.40
  • Height 3.95
  • Base 4.00
  • Foil FLAT
product options $130

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