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The feel of a glass-on fin with the ability to ride a variety of upgrade fins
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Fin boxes
Future fin boxes are the most user friendly and strongest removable fin system available on the market. The system offers all the positive features of removable fins, while providing better performance than glass-on fins.

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Full Base - The fin is connected to the board along the entire base. This amounts to 60% more attachment than plug systems.Flange – The flange around the box creates surface area that strengthens the bond to the fiberglass which is the where the strength of a board comes from.The patented design makes for the quickest and easiest installation process available.
We removed as much weight as possible while keeping the maximum amount of stiffness

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When the tang (or base of fin) is clamped in the box with the set screw the tang is compressed horizontally. This compressive force is dissipated by the trusses into the solid base of the fin. The trusses act as I –Beams with their long axis running the width of the tang. The long axis of the truss resists lateral loading on the fin during surfing keeping the base extremely stiff. The use of Truss and I-beam technology gives the base of the fin a maximum stiffness to weight ratio. This enables Futures to have 60% more base than plug systems while still remaining extremely light and stiff.
Futures is the lightest system because of a pre-glass install that bonds to the fiberglass of the board.

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This is a comparison of Plug systems vs the Future System. The systems were removed from actual boards.Elements of the board that would be in the board with or without the system were removed in order to make the test as even as possible. All resin used in installation is kept attached. The foam under the plugs on the side plugs was removed as well as the stringer attached to the center plugs.Total weight of Plug system is 2 grams heavier. Approximately the weight of half of a nickel.It is worth noting that plug systems need to bond to the deck of the board or the stringer to have any strength. This means that the more volume in the tail, the heavier the plug system becomes. Also the side fins and quad rear plugs will be heavier than the center in the picture because they need to have the bond to the deck on the opposite side of the board becuase they do not have the stringer to bond to.