February 18, 2014 What He Rode: JJF by Surfer Design Forum

John John Florence is on the cover of the March issue of Surfer Magazine standing tall in the throat of a Pipeline beast from the Black Friday swell.  Jon Pyzel sat down with Surfer to break

John John has a reputation for riding pretty small boards out at Pipeline. Does this board fall into that category? 

Yeah, he’s always liked small boards. I think him and Jamie O’Brien have changed the approach a bit. You’re really at an advantage backside at Pipeline because you can get so deep and ride a smaller board. These guys grab their rail from takeoff and aren’t actually going to the bottom of the wave. 

Would you shape him something different for similar sized Sunset or Cloudbreak, or even Teahupoo? 

No. As soon as we go to step-ups, essentially a 6’2” or bigger, they’re all a version of the same design.

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